martes, 16 de agosto de 2016


Fuck off those who expect the best from me 
to be by my side,
if they were not around 
in the worse of myself, 
when I was just leftovers...

And walk away from those 

who doesn´t know how to make a day shine
even in the darkest storm
those who build a wall
everytime you fail
those who measure love
and weight it
and serve it with delicate spoons
without sharing much
without being at risk.

Walk away from the stirring mirages
of beautiful voices and skins
of those who claim friendship
fast and easy
and those who bring the pain
with a sweet smile
and surprise
because they cannot feel
they are unable to feel
they just want you
the way you fit
in a plan
of their choice.

Walk closer to the ones
who are able to keep track
without stomping on your footsteps
those eyes
filled with tenderness and calm
those who really suffer
and are open
and free
to let you in and out
as long as you need
because sometimes we are good
and other times we are worse.

Walk away from the litany of falsehood
those who bring nothing to your table
those who tell you nothing is right
or nothing is better
and are slow to forgive
or mistreat you constantly
or giveyou a treat that is leash
a kiss that slaps
a hug that chokes
a song that yells
a caress that is a scratch.

Walk away
back up
leap high
run for your life
use all time well
choose poorly
choose right
love great
be whatever you need to be
but never turn
into someone
others need
to walk away.


Ferran Garrigues Insa

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