sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2016


She crosses the fire 
with an unexpected eye
and stays firm even in this architecture of fear
that shapes the world and us
and leaves nothing to the imagination
when the flesh restarts the moods 
that bring petrification
and sorrow.

She crosses the fire
and there is no one able to touch her
because it´s not a body what makes her real.

She crosses the fire
and there is just a dim light
but one step is another step
always forward
even if the floor collapses
she will stand
between the fire and the sky
because she can
even if she still haven´t discovered 
that she is what she wants to be.

She crosses the fire
and lays a kiss in the face of the dreamer
to make him solve his own labyrinth
just like that.

She crosses the fire
and the fire rejoices being tamed
under her feet
filled with scars and feathers
she is in the nature of a crater
in the hazel sign of existence
a piece of what is a meaningful  
structure of this universe
where everything falls apart
while she walks the fire
and the truth of this fable
becomes real
under any of our miserable circumstances.


Ferran Garrigues Insa

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