jueves, 7 de julio de 2016

Note to self.

I wish I was worth all the happiness
and I wish I was worth all the pain.

I wish I could change what life is
I wish I was able to do better.

But this is what life is
and endure
and be strong
and release
all that is not.

I wish I could bring more brotherhood
than peace.

I wish I could find a way
to ease all of it.

But life is what it is
and maybe you can try not to flow with it
you will find how harmful and tiring
how dangerous and feisty
life can be
so approach it
like to a lion in his nap
be kind and gentle
and soft and tender
and right and loving
because no matter what you do
one day life
is going to be hungry
and you should have tried
before it bites
as much as you can
to be what you are meant to be
and to live what you deserve.


Ferran Garrigues Insa

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